fraises fraîches, fraises!

balaustra di brezza
per appoggiare stasera
la mia malinconia.

Nina 17 Italy. // I love past things & imaginary people.
I live with a sheep-sized cat, a sleeping grandma and a beautiful thin sad imaginary friend called James. Say hi, James.

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Sur l’onde calme et noire où dorment les étoiles
La blanche Ophélia flotte comme un grand lys,
Flotte très lentement, couchée en ses longs voiles…
On the calm black wave where the stars are sleeping
the white Ophelia floats like a great lily.
Floats very slowly, lying in her long veils…
(A. Rimbaud)

Justine has visions. Rimbaud said he had visions.

I love Melancholia.